Toxic Torts Lawyer

The phrase “toxic torts” refers to exposure to a toxin due to the fault of another party. People can be exposed to such toxins in many places including at home, in the workplace, in the foods they eat and in the air they breathe.

Examples of these toxins and the injuries they may cause include; lead paint, which caused brain damage in children; Asbestos, which caused various lung diseases and illnesses; and pesticides, which resulted in birth injuries. Sadly, the list of toxic substances is far too long and diverse to fully discuss. Common sources for toxic substances include: drinking water, farms, rivers, parks, factories, offices, schools, vehicles, and several more.

As research reveals the true effects of certain toxins, more and more toxic tort claims are surfacing. In a toxic tort case, the injured party must prove that his or her injury is more likely than not the result of negligence by another party or parties. Typical compensation in a toxic tort case includes: cost of past and future medical care, cost of rehabilitation, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

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