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Each year around 11,000 Americans will become victims of spinal injury. Motor Vehicle Accidents are a leading cause of such injuries, followed by acts of violence, falls and recreational sporting activities.

Spinal injuries are divided into two categories based on the degree of the injury and exact area of the spine damaged. Paraplegia refers to paralysis below the chest or waist, whereas quadriplegia affects the upper limbs as well. In short, a paraplegic lacks some or all function of the legs, feet and some lower body muscles.

A quadriplegic is unable to control the legs, feet, arms, hands and trunk muscles. People suffering from spinal cord injuries face a unique set of challenges after their injury. In addition to the psychological trauma of such a devastating injury, paralysis victims face reduced mobility, greater dependence on others, involuntary control of the bladder and bowel, kidney and bladder stones, and muscle spasms.

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